As a claims professional of 22 years, I’ve had the privilege to work with Carolina Case Management since its inception.  The services they provide greatly assist me in managing my claims efficiently and cost effectively while preserving the integrity of the claims process for my clients and claimants.  The specialists at Carolina Case Management exhibit the utmost professionalism with employers, patients, physicians and attorneys as they advocate for the finest medical care and vocational opportunities available.  Timely reporting and adherence to the Rehab Rules are a priority. Their qualified and experienced specialists work diligently to promote an effective conclusion and outcome for all parties.  I’m thankful for the long relationship I’ve had with Carolina Case Management and am appreciative of their ongoing commitment to provide quality and valued services to our clients.

Dawn Steadman
Regional Vice President of Claims
Specialized Contract Administrators



Hi! My name is Cynthia. I’m a former client, and my case worker was Zoe Dyer. I was employed by xxxxx and was injured by my client. It was a severe injury, and it was difficult for me and my husband, especially since he is 100% disabled.  Zoe was absolutely wonderful. She was professional, and of course, very competent, but she took the time to talk to me, answer my questions, explain what was happening, and most important of all, listen. That, in and of itself, is a rare commodity these days. My place of employment made things very difficult for me, the surgery was difficult, scary, and painful, and recovery was hard. There were days when I got so depressed. But Zoe kept in touch, and I can’t express how much her kindness to me and her encouragement meant to me in those dark hours.  I have been discharged as a patient now and am trying to pick up my life as we all do in these circumstances, but I will never forget, or fail to be thankful for, Zoe and her kindness and concern for me, both as a patient and as a person. She deserves special recognition for her work and the caring and concern that I know, just from knowing her, she gives to each of her client. She truly is special, and you are lucky to have her.  Thank you.

Sincerely,   Cynthia L. (client)




During this season of Thanksgiving, let me express gratitude to you and your staff for the exceptional and professional work you do. It seems that when I ask, you give and when it seems as if I am being demanding, you still give. I received a compliment from our Superintendent at a Principal’s Meeting in September for the outstanding strides the District has taken over the last 3 years in its focus towards providing a safe work environment for our employees. This is a compliment that would not have been possible without the TEAM. I echo this compliment towards you and the staff at Carolina Case Management.

Kayle E Brown, PhD, PHR
Coordinator, Safety and Loss Prevention
Greenville County Schools



I love having the opportunity to brag about our Case Managers, especially Pam Harris!!! She does a phenomenal job!! She just placed 3 clients into new jobs!!!

James Adams- Baldwin/Lyons file with Gwen Walton- Nickson. Client is a 72 yo driver who was placed as a driver for a retirement community in Durham.

Milton Rose- NCLM file, Amy Neisen was placed as a School Bus Driver with Wake County Schools. He had been working as a Sewer Collections Supervisor

Johnnie Vaughan- Farm Bureau- Margaret Taylor- was a carpenter- is now working as an Assembler for Organic Transit Durham.
Keep those referrals coming, she is placing them too fast!!!!! GREAT JOB Pam!!

Amy Hazel, MS, CRC, CVE
Asst. Director of Vocational Services/Supervisor
Carolina Case Management



The note below was from the mother of a high school aged injured worker:

Good Afternoon to Jill and all,

I want to say a very special and heartfelt thank you to Ms. Jill Wilkes.  Words cannot describe how Mack and I feel about her.   She had not only worked so many hours on the case and was always at every appointment with a positive attitude. She treated Mack as if he were her own child.  Mack even said he felt like he had two mothers. Thank you so much Ms. Jill for everything.  We truly appreciate you, and wish only the best for you.

Donna Y

Discovery Insurance Company has been doing business with Carolina Case Management since their establishment in 1995.   Throughout their growth the one thing that has remained constant is their superior service and ability to facilitate case resolution while satisfying both the injured worker and the insurer.  They have amassed an impressive team of proactive case managers, and we are proud to affiliate ourselves and injured workers with Carolina Case Management.  

Kim Parker
Vice President, Workers Compensation Claims
Discovery Insurance Company



Rae (Marsmaker),
Thank you for everything.  It meant the world to deal with someone who is so personable and genuine. You definitely made the process much easier to deal with in addition to being reassuring and comforting. You’re a jewel!

Michelle (client)