Specialized Management Services

In addition to medical and vocational case management, CCM offers many unique and customized services to support workers’ compensation, long-and-short term disability and general liability of insurance, and family law litigation.

Medical Cost Projections

The Medical Cost Projection is a comprehensive analysis of all relevant and appropriate medical and prescription drug costs associated with an injury or accident throughout the claimant’s life expectancy.  It is designed to forecast reasonable and probable future medical exposure and establish a medically accurate basis on which to set reserves for workers’ compensation and liability claims. Limited (task) assignments for projections on specific services (surgery, treatment plans) can also be accommodated.

Long Term Disability Evaluations

Long Term Disability services include on-site case management, vocational evaluations, transferable skills analysis, and labor market surveys to assist in managing disability insurance needs.

File Consultation

A comprehensive review by a Rehabilitation Expert of medical records, vocational assessment/evaluation and other file records to provide an objective opinion regarding accuracy and assessment of medical or vocational issues.

Loss of Earning/Earning Capacity Assessment – Personal Injury

An assessment by a Vocational Expert who reviews pertinent file records, completes a Transferable Skills Analysis and Labor Market Survey and provides information on employment outlook and earning potential given an individual’s functional capacity following an injury, illness, or disease.

Earning Capacity Assessment – Divorce Litigation

An assessment by a Vocational Expert who analyzes an individual’s work history, skills, medical status, any limitation, and current labor market to explore employment outlook and earning potential.

Customized Services

In addition to case management and specialized services described above, CCM will make every effort to accommodate individual needs through customized services. We work with you to define, develop and implement these custom services.