Vocational Case Management

Carolina Case Management can help an injured employee return to work after a difficult or long medical leave or when their injury prevents them from performing their original position. A rehabilitation consultant will assess an injured worker’s vocational, physical and cognitive abilities to determine their potential for a new position. This process includes a range of evaluations:

Vocational Assessment, Evaluation & Testing

A vocational assessment measures the likelihood to return to work. Testing can provide an objective way to evaluate personality/temperament, achievement, education/intelligence level, vocational aptitude, interests and lifestyle as they relate to today’s workforce. Determining the appropriateness for placement into a job (either directly or with training) and returning the individual to suitable and gratifying employment is the most important part of the case manager’s work. Early intervention is the key to a successful return to work. Assessment report can be expected within 10 days of completion of the evaluation.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

This analysis is a systematic and orderly method to evaluate a client’s potential for work. This analysis includes the client’s background, education and work history and identifies skills which can be used in one job and then “transferred” into another job.

Job Analysis

A job analysis measures the fundamentals, factors, behaviors and activities required to perform a specific job. With this information, a job description is developed. A job description is a narrative description of the activities and requirements of a specific job. The analysis of the job will then determine how closely it can match the client’s residual capabilities.

A Digital Job Analysis documents objective and complete data to include:

  • The work activities and job functions being performed.
  • The essential functions of the job and what tasks may be reasonably accommodated.
  • Measures and documents the physical demands of the job (lifting, pushing, reaching, etc.,) and the frequency these activities are performed.
  • Worker characteristics: hours worked, breaks provided, equipment used, environmental conditions and potential hazards of the job.

Carolina Case Management has copyrighted this digital job analysis format.

A Video Job Analysis is available upon request.

Labor Market Survey (LMS)

This is a systematic, standardized, objective evaluation to determine how readily available jobs will be to the client in a specific geographic area. A properly executed labor market survey will provide information that includes the frequency of availability of a certain job; number of people employed, wage information, physical or educational job requirements, accommodations or ergonomic issues, wage and earning potential/capacity.

Return to Work Plans & Placement Services

Direct placement services involves returning individuals to suitable employment by preparing them for gainful employment. A vocational specialist works one-on-one to develop and provide job leads and placement. This service promotes accountability and responsibility during this pro-active, interactive process.

Telephonic Vocational Case Management Services

Think traditional vocational services, only with a virtual twist!  The COVID pandemic of 2020 taught us the importance of adapting to the changing needs of customers and in ways that are innovative, convenient and cost-effective.  In situations where the virtual provision of vocational case management services is feasible, CCM can adapt our service-oriented approach to vocational consulting to an increasingly online and connected population.

Ergonomic Assessments

A certified ergonomic assessment specialist examines the work space and processes to improve fit between worker and job site. Recommendations are made to provide an ergonomically designed work area which minimizes the risk of injury and maximizes productivity.

Specialized Vocational Rehabilitation/Career Services

A Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant can design a very individualized program for any person based upon their individual need. This can include one-on-one counseling to explore and set appropriate career and educational goals. May provide vocational testing, job seeking skills training, educational/training options, volunteer opportunities and transitional services.

Long Term Disability Evaluation and Placement Services

Vocational Specialist can evaluate claimants for LTD benefits and services through interviews, vocational assessments, transferable skills analysis, labor market surveys and earning capacity evaluations.

File Consultation & Analysis

Reviews of claims including medical records, court documents, testimony (depositions) and case management reports to render an expert opinion.

Vocational Expert Testimony

Testimony offered for Social Security Disability, Family Law/Marital Dissolution, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Auto/General Liability, Veterans’ Disability (TDIU). All of our consultants are recognized as Qualified Rehabilitation Professionals by the North Carolina Industrial Commission and have extensive experience in the fields listed above.

Earnings Capacity Evaluation

Evaluations offered for Social Security Disability, Family Law/Marital Dissolution, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Auto/General Liability, Veterans’ Disability (TDIU). The evaluation consists of a vocational diagnostic interview, work and transferable skills analysis, and depending on the circumstances, vocational testing. Once this information has been obtained, an opinion is formulated as to the individual’s ability to work and their earning capacity in the local labor market. In addition, at times a Labor Market Survey is conducted to document the availability of job openings in the client’s geographic area.