What we do

What we do

We advocate for the injured worker’s medical needs with a goal of safe return to work – all while ensuring continuous communication among medical providers, claims adjusters, attorneys, the injured worker and the employer.  We also provide vocational expert testimony for workers’ compensation and general liability insurance lines, and family law matters.

Services We Offer

At Carolina Case Management & Rehabilitation Services, our case managers coordinate services between the client, the employer, and the healthcare provider, as needed. We verify proper care and diagnosis and assist the employee in recovery and return to work efforts. This process may involve on-site and/or telephonic communication to meet the goal of assuring appropriate medical care and returning the employee to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Medical Case Management

Medical case managers coordinate medical care by scheduling/attending medical appointments, verifying treatments, and following up with physicians and other healthcare providers.

Vocational Case Management

Vocational case managers offer a range of services, which may include working with clients to return to an existing/modified job or assisting with placement in a new position.

Specialized Services

Additional available services include medical cost projections, long term disability evaluations, file consultations, and loss of earnings/earning capacity assessments for personal injury and divorce litigation.