Telephonic Case Management

These services are designed to provide short term medical case management intervention for workers’ compensation claims. Telephonic case management is generally performed for a period of 30-90 days and includes contact with the injured worker, attorney (if retained), healthcare provider, employer, and referral source. Our telephonic case management program is customized to suit your unique needs. Telephonic case managers typically intervene immediately following an injury to assess the extent of an injury and may coordinate care at the employer’s or adjuster’s direction. Telephonic case managers may recommend a referral to a field case manager for more serious injuries and claims meeting certain characteristics, or they may manage the claims through to resolution. We proactively discuss plan of care and return to work projections, follow-up with workers to ensure they are getting the care they need, arrange for modified or alternate duty work with employers, and report all activity to appropriate parties to promote a clear understanding of goals, progress, and claims resolution.