John Wells, MBA, BS

Raleigh, NC

John graduated from NC State University in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. Upon graduation, he got a job as an Industrial Engineer, working with manufacturing personnel to maximize the efficiency of production lines and also teaching courses to other engineers on techniques for productivity improvement and maximizing efficiency. In 1990, John went back to school and earned his MBA Degree from Duke University while also working in Worldwide Customer Service, where he was responsible for Global Allocation and Distribution of several product lines. He then moved into Product Marketing Management, where he assumed marketing responsibility for two key product lines generating $150 million in sales. John then went on to work as US Sales Director for one of Toshiba’s product lines before moving to IBM where he became Marketing Brand Manager for new tech products. He left IBM to go to Visara, where he worked his way up to Vice President of Marketing for the global computer provider. Finally, John joined CCM in 2001. His role at CCM includes managing the headquarter office, as well as heading up technology, human resources, and finance. Through his leadership and in conjunction with industry partners, John has positioned CCM as a forerunner in technology and software implementations. In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his wife and family and traveling. He is also an avid distance runner and enjoys riding both road and mountain bikes.